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Top iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

Christina Warren over at OPEN Forum lists her choices for most useful iPhone apps for the small business. She includes everything from working with MS documents to faxing. Technorati Tags: iPhone, Small Business Apps

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Who Cheats?

This story is just chock full of new information. First, there’s a site for married people looking to have an affair. Second, they surveyed their 1.9 million members to find the top professions that are looking to cheat on their … Continue reading

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Dynamic Marketing Billboards

Imagine a billboard that identifies the age and sex of passer-bys and chooses the best advertising to display accordingly. This idea is currently being tested in Japan. A little scary? The manufacturer says the facial images are immediately erased but … Continue reading

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Average Twitter User [Stats]

Mashable passes on some interesting statistics resulting from a Barracuda Labs study of about 19 million Twitter accounts (PDF). New Twitter account creation spiked when the media started covering it because celebrities started tweeting (e.g., Oprah and Shaq), which Barracuda … Continue reading

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Grouply Spices Up Google and Yahoo! Groups

I ran across Grouply, a service that takes your bland Yahoo! or Google group and makes it look like a professional site. According to the site, you can: Brand it – Start with one of more than 30 professional themes … Continue reading

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Fascination Car

Head over to Tom Bearden’s and check out the post about the EV Gray and the “fuelless engine” Fascination car: That’s just cool. Wish it had made it to production. HT to BoingBoing.Technorati Tags: EV Gray, Fuelless Engine, Fascination Car

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Google Manymoon

Manymoon is a Social Productivity, Project Management and Task Management offering from Google. It is free to Google Apps users and includes: Attach Google Docs to tasks, projects and events Add project information to shared Google Calendars Gadget for collaborative … Continue reading

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iPhone Tricks

iSmashPhone offers up 12 iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known (iPod Touch Tricks Included). And they’re right — they have a couple that I have found very useful but didn’t know about. For instance, tip #3: Domain Suffix [On … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Successful Twitter Fundraising

The essential Mashable (fast becoming my new favorite site) has ten tips for the non-profit to engage in fundraising. They certainly start out right: First and foremost, always keep in mind that the power of Twitter is merely a reflection … Continue reading

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Using Social Media to Help Find a Job

Mashable gives tips for leveraging social media sites to land a job. We know it’s possible to land a job with social media know-how but the bigger question is how? In putting together this post we turned to those with … Continue reading

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