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Hacking Opposing Military Troops

Military tactics continue to advance in the 21st century as Russian hackers are effectively targeting NATO troop’s smart phones to “gain operational information, gauge troop strength, and intimidate soldiers.” Imagine being able to track troop movements by hijacking geolocation information … Continue reading

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CCleaner Compromised

CCleaner has long been a trusted tool for cleaning up computers; it even made PCWorlds list of the 15 best free programs. But security firm Cisco Talos discovered that hackers had injected a malicious bit of code into the most recent … Continue reading

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Feds Snap to Danger Posed by Baby Monitors

Some federal legislators are finally realizing the danger of adding unsecured devices to a network.  In October of 2016, a massive DDoS attack was launched against Dyn which affected a large number of websites including Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Reddit. The source … Continue reading

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Everything is Broken

Excellent post: Everything is Broken. Read it all, but here are 2 extracts from an extraordinarily good article: Look at it this way — every time you get a security update (seems almost daily on my Linux box), whatever is … Continue reading

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Doomsday via Malware

Sometimes the most fascinating posts are found in blog comments rather than the main article. I found this bit of wisdom by the post’s author (Tor developer Mike Perry) but buried in the comments to his post PRISM vs. Tor (emphasis … Continue reading

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Dumb Hackers

When Windows crashes the user is prompted to send the details of the error to Microsoft. I always do, but it’s usually due to some third party program that isn’t playing nice. Hackers develop malicious code intended to do harm … Continue reading

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20% of Web Users Choose Common Passwords

Some people never learn. An astounding 20% of Web users choose easy-to-guess passwords like “123456” or “password”. Imperva recently analyzed 32 million user accounts that had been hacked from a social networking site and then posted on the internet. Imperva … Continue reading

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