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Everything is Broken

Excellent post: Everything is Broken. Read it all, but here are 2 extracts from an extraordinarily good article: Look at it this way — every time you get a security update (seems almost daily on my Linux box), whatever is … Continue reading

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Doomsday via Malware

Sometimes the most fascinating posts are found in blog comments rather than the main article. I found this bit of wisdom by the post’s author (Tor developer Mike Perry) but buried in the comments to his post PRISM vs. Tor (emphasis … Continue reading

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Dumb Hackers

When Windows crashes the user is prompted to send the details of the error to Microsoft. I always do, but it’s usually due to some third party program that isn’t playing nice. Hackers develop malicious code intended to do harm … Continue reading

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20% of Web Users Choose Common Passwords

Some people never learn. An astounding 20% of Web users choose easy-to-guess passwords like “123456” or “password”. Imperva recently analyzed 32 million user accounts that had been hacked from a social networking site and then posted on the internet. Imperva … Continue reading

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