Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Device

Engadget got a chance to get up close and personal with Honda’s new Personal Mobility Device, the U3-X, calling it an effortless, though moving, experience:

The experience is kind of amazing, as it requires very little effort on the rider, and though you feel like you could easily go flying off of the U3-X, you always retain a solid center of balance. …

It just goes where you want it to — almost by suggestion. There’s no telling if Honda will ever bring something like this to market — they’re notorious for crazy projects that never see the light of day on store shelves — but it’s an amazing look into the potential future of transportation. …

As far as we’re concerned, now that we’ve taken a ride on the U3-X, walking just feels like a chore.

CrunchGear also got a chance to go hands-on, err, butt-on the device and put their video on YouTube (see below). John Biggs says:

It is completely self righting and to ride it you just move your body in the direction you want to go. The wheels-within-wheels system allows for 360-degree motion.

This is the first mini people mover I’ve actually been excited about. It’s so small that you can actually use it in mixed company and as long as the battery lasts you can ride it in absolute comfort on most smooth surfaces. No specific release date for this thing and it’s apparently quite expensive right now, but I would totally buy one.


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