What does 8 Speakers in 2 Tiny Earbuds Cost

CrunchGear reviews custom made in-ear “headphones” (if they fit in your ear, aren’t they “earphones”?). Prices range from $250 to an incredible $1,149. What does nearly $1200 get you?

JH Audio 16 Pro – $1149
These earbuds are incredible. They have a frequency response from 10Hz to 20kHz along with -26db noise isolation. The buds contain 8 discrete drivers per side w/ 4-way crossovers, which translates to each earbud containing eight tiny speakers, each handling a certain frequency range.

What does this mean in terms of audio? Well, for one you have eminently comfortable noise isolation in loud environments and these also offer amazing performance with the right content. I listened to a number of pieces of lossless music and heard more detail than you’ll ever year in a pair of stock earbuds. “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd sounded like the band and that coughing guy was in the room with me while music by TV on the Radio and Portishead was a layered soundscape of amazing clarity.

In a word, wow.

All I have to say is that anyone caught spending that kind of money on technology that advanced, and then listening to [low quality] internet radio should be heavily fined and have their earbuds confiscated.

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