GM’s Heads Up Windshield

GM recently showed off a heads-up display prototype built into a “sensor-laden” windshield. While we’ve all gotten excited about technologies and concepts from car manufacturers the world over, only to be disappointed when they never materialize on the show room floor, Engadget reports that this technology may actually come to pass:

General Motors is evidently tired of the almosts, and it’s now working in concert with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Southern California in order to concoct one of the most advanced HUD systems that we’ve seen — particularly in the automotive world. Setting out to create “enhanced vision systems,” GM’s R&D team has created a windshield packed with visible and Infrared cameras along with internal optics that keep a close eye on the driver’s retinas. . . . Best of all? We’re told that some of these technologies “could end up in GM vehicles in the near-term future.” Granted, the Volt was supposed to set sail already, but we suppose we’ll give ’em the benefit of the doubt.

According to Engadget, lasers are used to paint the lines seen above and highlight roadside signs. Click over and take a look at some of the other pictures, the one of a foggy street is pretty exciting.

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