Bradbury, Genius of my Childhood

Celebrated author Ray Bradbury passed away today at the age of 91. I have several of Bradbury’s books, well worn from the hours I spent reading and re-reading them.

With his death comes a renewed interest in his work. Younger folk who have never read his stories are asking where they should start. To them, I say this:

Bradbury is very different than most authors, and when you first read his unusual style you will either love him or hate him. That said, this is the order that I recommend you ease into reading his work:

  1. Fahrenheit 451 (this was poorly made into a movie but it is a must-read classic, along the lines of 1984)
  2. Something Wicked This Way Comes (probably my favorite of all)
  3. The Martian Chronicles (probably his most notable, after Fahrenheit 451, deservedly so)
  4. Illustrated Man (short stories, very strange, very different, very riveting)
  5. Dandelion Wine (if you liked Something Wicked, you’ll like this one)
  6. I Sing the Body Electric (especially if you want more short stories – he was a master of short stories)

I am jealous of anyone discovering Bradbury for the first time and loving him as much as I do. It is a rare and wonderful experience.

Rest in peace, Mr. Bradbury. And thank you for the many, many hours of entertainment.

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