iPad vs. Laptop

Wall Street Journal takes an in depth look at the iPad, its features and its shortcomings: Laptop Killer? Pretty Close

In my view, this first generation of iPads will not be killing too many laptops. It may be as easy to use as an iPhone and it may be able to run nearly every app that the iPhone can.  On the other hand it lacks USB expansion ports, a web cam and the memory tops out at 64GB. But the real reason that it cannot and will not replace the laptop is because it carries forward the biggest hole in the feature set of the iPhone: it can’t multitask.

So much for surfing the web or working on a document while listening to your iTunes. So much for flipping back and forth between web research and a document you’re working on. So much for flipping over to the email window to take check for a message you’re waiting on. This single, frustrating limitation will keep it out of the hands of all power users and knowledge workers for anything more than an entertaining diversion. Real work will continue to be done on laptops.

I’ll wait to see how the Samsung laptop with Chrome OS will look like. Or perhaps the HTC tablet running Chrome OS.

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