Gov Salt Guidelines Too Low

Ever since I can remember, the federal guidelines us that we consume too much salt and that thousands of Americans drop dead every year from salt-induced heart attacks. But now, as reported by the Washington Post, more scientists doubt salt is as bad for you as the government says.

In fact, not only are scientists increasingly discounting the idea that we have to scour the shelves for foods with “low sodium” labels, new studies indicate that government guidelines for low salt consumption might actually be dangerous.

“There is no longer any valid basis for the current salt guidelines,” said Andrew Mente, a professor at McMaster University in Ontario and one of the researchers involved in a major study published last year by the New England Journal of Medicine. “So why are we still scaring people about salt?”

Personally, I’m weary of the years of dire warnings followed by retractions and sometimes followed by yet another flip-flop on everything from eggs to water consumption. These days, I take every guideline, recommendation and rule of thumb with a rather large grain of salt.

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