600 Years of Kitty Mayhem

Some things never change, and one of those seems to be the utter disregard that cats have for that which is important to us, but not them. From The Atlantic:

13th Century Manuscript

Now, via medievalist Emir O. Filipovic, evidence that cats have been up to this same mischief for six centuries: inky pawprints, gracing a page of the 13th volume of “Lettere e commissioni di Levante,” which collated copies of letters and instructions that the Dubrovnik/Ragusan government sent to its merchants and envoys throughout southeastern Europe (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia etc.), according to Filipovic — sort of a 15th-century Federal Register. The particular document that the cat got its paws on dates to March 11th, 1445.

Consider the hours it took for the poor scribe to copy and bind the book. The modern day equivalent of kitty carelessly strolling across your keyboard and deleting your term paper.

Good thing kitties are so damn cute or we would of killed them out a long time ago.

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