Build Your Own (Pumpkin) Dalek

Working Homemade Dalek PumpkinA do-it-yourselfer named Wendell had the time, the interest, and evidently a spare pumpkin. The result, a fully functional Dalek recreation!

HT to SyFy Blastr, which notes:

Wendell didn’t use the traditional Kaled to power the Dalek shell. Instead, he outfitted the pumpkin with wheels, a servo motor and a remote control. So this particular Dalek might not look the part of universe-threatening alien … but it moves as if it could exterminate you.

OK, so “fully functional” may be stretching things a bit as it can’t actually exterminate you. But it really looks cool.

Wendell posts complete instructions so you can build your own. But first, watch the YouTube video to see just how scary this thing can be.

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