FCC Net Neutrality … Not

Investor’s Business Daily notes that the FCC started positioning for oversight of the Internet over a year ago under the guise of “net neutrality.” As any reasonable person knows, getting the Feds involved is rarely good for either freedom or business. Once again, this is proving true as the FCC is starting to assert its authority by putting new regulations into place:

For one thing, a new set of FCC rules would conflict with long-standing privacy rules set by the Federal Trade Commission. Data-hogging websites sites wouldn’t have to comply with the stricter FCC rules.

… The point is that anyone who thought the FCC had finished its work when it imposed “net neutrality” is sorely mistaken. The commission’s privacy rules will only be the first of many as regulators flex their newly acquired Internet muscles and as advocacy groups, well-connected businesses, or anyone looking to get a regulatory leg up on the competition will be pressuring the commission to add new rules, always wrapped in a “good for the consumer” package.

Further intrusion into the ISP world will only worsen the damage already being done by the FCC’s decision to treat the 21st century Internet like a 20th century telephone monopoly.

Who could have seen this coming? Uh…everybody.

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