Long Term Effect of Hormone Use (“The Pill”)

Just in my lifetime alone, I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in reliable, peer reviewed research and the rise of sensationalism and junk science. So when reading any story of scientific principles, one must consider the source and look for confirmation from additional authoritative channels.

The following is from a firmly conservative source but, given the content, one would not expect to see the concept to be shown in the academic sources that have succumbed to the PC culture that is oppressing civilized debate throughout the scientific community. As such, I present the material only as an introduction and caution the reader to be on the lookout for additional sources of this information.

The author introduces his topic by relating the research of an unnamed boss he’d had:

It seems that while doing his graduate work in the early 1960s, he had to do research on lab rats, which were given the synthetic hormones used in the then new birth control pills. The results, he told me, showed that the grandchildren of these lab rats would have high rates of homosexual behaviors. From what he told me, the findings were suppressed. Apparently, the powers that be wanted “the pill” to pass muster. What happened to the second generation of rats that followed was of no consequence to them.

Then my boss told me: The first generation of kids born to mothers using the pill have already arrived. But we should expect in another generation a noticeable increase in homosexual behavior, as they would be the second generation. As that was then still in the future, I was shocked.

This was told me in the mid ’80s. By his reckoning, we should have seen a societal explosion of homosexuality starting around 2000, and subsequently. And, of course, we have seen such an explosion. His prediction came true.

Now, to many classic conservatives – whether religious or merely social – homosexuality is a choice, something which can be learned and/or unlearned.  The problem is: There is a degree of evidence that it may be contrariwise in some individuals.

I don’t know that there has been an increase in the population identifying as homosexual or if that is perception based on what appears to be a growing societal dichotomy and the selective spotlights shown by our news and entertainment industries; the author offers no research to support the claim. But I find the concept of hormone treatments affecting not the subject, nor even the subject’s children, but the grandchildren absolutely fascinating. Given the dearth of research in this area, if there is a shred of truth to this article then we owe it to ourselves to investigate it thoroughly. For who knows what other medical treatments may have long term impacts or what those may be?


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