CEOs and Social Media

Social Media Today makes a compelling argument for embracing social media in the higher levels of the business organization, not least of which is evolving demographics:

Social media communication may not truly be a revolution, but it is growing at market speed. In 2009, Boston College stopped issuing e-mail address to freshmen because Generation Y and Z consider e-mail passé. How will we communicate with these future employees, our future colleagues and leaders? Though it may not be clear to many, it is clear to them – social networks.

As the number of Generation Y – almost 100% on social networks – is set to surpass the number of Baby Boomers in 2010, the social media trend will only strengthen. As many organizations face the “wave of retirement” when Baby Boomers begin to bow out of the workforce, it is of strategic interest to those firms to prepare for the work habits of the new generations, who have grown up working and communicating in virtual, shared environments.

Businesses must begin to examine how this shift will impact its internal functioning.

True, although I don’t see too many CEOs jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. A great article.

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