I don’t care what you ate for lunch

Low Hanging Fruit Consulting has four poor excuses for avoiding Social Media. The best response is in answer to one we hear all the time:

I don’t care what you ate for lunch
This is a favorite excuse of social media avoiders.  The actual complaint differs person to person, but it starts with “I don’t care” and ends with some specific light topic  people tend to mention in social media (weather, traffic, flight delays, etc.)  Luckily, it’s also the easiest problem to overcome.

Get over yourself.

Personal chit-chat is a part of living in a human society.   Social media is a communication tool, and humans engage in small talk when they communicate.  If you ask after people’s children, or inquire into holiday plans when you communicate with people in person, you can bite the bullet and learn to do the same when you use online communication channels.

Too true. Read them all.

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